Monday, June 16, 2008

more musings from peter fernandez

i forgot that this other post was my previous favorite and worth a mention:

"Photo shows Peter Fernandez of San Fernando City with sultry songbird & whiz piano player, Kyle Lardner interpreting on love & a sky sailing, with you & me about a spaceship, but, the trip was shortened, due to a thunderbolt, & yet, had carefully managed a safe return to earth, & knowing now that the good earth is the safest place to completely enjoy a true love affair. Taken on March 26, 2008 at a lively Spring Beats Concert in Hollywood."

yes...i think perhaps he did climb aboard that spaceship and perhaps the aliens in said spaceship taught him English grammer, because all those commas are exhausting to type,,,,,,,

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carlee, this is a bit random but I stumbled on your blog post after googling Peter Fernandez! My interest was piqued after YouTube vlogger Molly Lewis posted a video where she talks about her fascination for his poetic/bizarre writing style. If you're curious, she talks about it at 3:51 - 9:33 at Hehe, anyway thought I'd share.