Monday, July 18, 2011

A *super sad* goodbye to ReadyMade

oh man...did you hear the news? i just heard this weekend and i am indeed so 2001 i graduated married...moved into our first apartment together...found my first job (at a publishing house) and that is where my love for ReadyMade began...

we were SOOOO poor when i started working for Fairchild we had been paying rent on our credit cards because we moved to LA in Sept of 2001..and a little over a week moving in Sept. 11th happened...just so happened to happen on the day of my interview at Dreamworks...needless to say that interview was postponed...then cancelled...and 3 months of temp jobs and juggling credit cards led to me working at Fairchild.

i was introduced to magazines of every type and not sure how i found out about ReadyMade, but i contacted their manager and worked out a trade every month of our publications for theirs...i have subscribed to their magazine ever since. i believe i have received every publication since their inception. i think i have kept them all too. is one of the only magazines i have ever subscribed to (apart from Mothering) and look forward to it every month and it is my go to bathroom magazine (TMI?) i have kept all the issues because there is inspiration everywhere and i believe it started my love for DIY...and made me feel normal for not throwing certain things away and for scouring thrift stores endlessly.

i think what blows me away is that this magazine is so ahead of its time and fits in so well with our economy and state of mind with how design is can it fold? well, being in publication and specifically working for ad sales for magazines i can venture an educated guess, but it saddens me...deeply.

i will miss you ReadyMade...and hope and pray an e-magazine fills its place...that is just as cool and edgy and thought provoking!!!

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