Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Beach Day

daddy is taking the boys out for a beach day today...makes me very happy and yet a little jealous they get to be building sandcastles and catching sea snails and i am stuck in a chair in a *super hot* room staring at a computer screen...not complaining or anything :) but truly...it makes me happy that they get this time with their daddy especially being boys i think they learn so much already from him. he happens to be an amazing dad - in my eyes...not just for wanting to be at home with the boys...for choosing that...not a lot of dads would choose to watch three young very energetic boys...but also because he handles it awesome - he enjoys his sons. don't get me wrong...he admits it is hard...and some days it makes me smile a little naughty smile when he is exhausted and dinner isn't made and he asks me *repeatedly* when i am going to leave my little hot room ;) so there they are - they were so excited to go to the beach - i had to snap a couple pics!

On Bobby:
Romper - Carter (hand-me-down from Bodie...that 
Bodie wore when he was 5 months old...Bobby is 10 months old...ha!)

On Bryson:
Shirt - H&M (decorated by Sweet B(
Swim Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - Vans
Wobble Goggles - Imagination Movers Concert

On (super buff) Bodie:
Shirt - H&M
Swim Suit - hand-me-down from byson...not sure where we got it...
Shoes - Puma

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