Friday, July 15, 2011

B is for Butterflies

when we first moved into our house the pine trees in the backyard had all kinds of butterflies stapled to them...they were kinda blinged out and weathered, so the result was not eye pleasing. i was tearing them all off a couple of weeks ago because i was a little tired of looking at them and bryson got so sad...he apparently had a deep fondness for these butterflies and really wanted to replace them. i thought they were cheesy...but hey...i am also very much not five years old...and i like the idea of creating this magical little space for them, so the next time we visited the craft store i picked up a little box of butterflies and went to work on the trees.

i really like them...what is fitting is that these actual butterflies fly around our yard, so they aren't so out of place. but i like that it pretties up the trees a little too. It was a fun and gratifying DIY and already Bryson is asking for more colors...i think a tree covered in a rainbow of butterflies could look pretty cool...but only one tree...not a row of 7...but then again...i am very much not five years old!

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