Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Springtime Daffodil Garden

all you serious weather people are gunna laugh at this...but hey! we have had some weather out here in SoCal! it has been cooooold...for here...like i saw it in the 40s...what? okay, seriously though...my husband planted these bulbs for me a while ago and they are shooting up like crazy and made him capture them before they pooped out...i plan on framing this picture...i love that "B"...i got it at a flea market for $35 probably 6 years ago and it finally has a good home (it lived under our bed for a good 4 years)

so this is my little "springtime" garden...his accompaniment to my "winter" garden (see you people who actually see seasons...i quoted them for you...happy now?) it makes me so happy that i happened to marry someone who takes on a hobby we all can enjoy...how could newly sprouted daffodils not bring someone joy? impossible i tell you...

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kara noel said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE this. If we ever get a yard I want a giant letter. I agree. Totally framable. I must update my favorite blogs button so I remember to visit more often :)