Thursday, March 24, 2011

p90x with Kids

we are almost done with p90x...although i am sure i will continue to do a lot of the workouts since we have it all set up - and we havent done it completely right that we have only done the 6 out of 7 day workouts like 3 weeks out of the 13...BUT the least we have done is 4x i think that is pretty amazing! 

when we started it we weren't really sure how we were going to make it work, only that we would make it work somehow. we take turns taking care of the boys and sometimes it is too much and we turn it off and change our focus...but it is pretty amazing how used to it they get and just accept it. it is extremely hard to try to do it by yourself with 3 kids...which i attempt at least once a week and seldom get to finish the video. 

yoga is by far the hardest to do with kids...i dont think the practice of yoga included babysitting because you need a lot of focus...a lot of people have asked us how we do it...i hope it is some encouragement to others because kids dont have to be an excuse for not working out...although its a good one! i know i use it all the time! 

also...if you are crazy enough to attempt this solo...i would highly suggest in investing in an iPAD...angry birds and entertained kids are priceless! 

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Anonymous said...

I give you SERIOUS props for making this happen. I only have two and am finding it hard to find time.

Go girl!