Thursday, March 31, 2011

Garden Update - Peeks at Spring

So we have not officially done our garden doesn't even feel like time yet, but ummm its almost April! i think because we have had so much rain (for us) here in SoCal that it hasn't been convenient...I think that may change this weekend.

my husband planted broccoli earlier this year...I have never had success with Broccoli and was so so excited when i saw little broccolis shooting up...but i kept waiting for them to get bigger or more seemed silly to pick this tiny little bunch of broccoli...and then this happened...uh oh...i think once it does this its no good to pick - am i right? please someone tell me if i am wrong - i am way too lazy to go and research this right now.

plus as you can maybe see...there is a little sister plant ready to pick...tomorrow guess what the boys will be eating? they will totally eat it all too since they will pick it - love that about the garden!

we also have some amazing bulb flowers popping up that my husband planted in the winter. what a fun surprise! i am way too instant gratification/impatient to plant a bulb that takes months to turn into anything, but so happy to be married to that man who gets the biggest kick out of watching things grow!

Here is another neglected plant that flowered...or bolted...i guess these are no bueno also since they have had a flowering head for like 2 weeks now! poor onions...i think i neglected these because when i was pregnant with my last baby i couldnt tolerate them...i left them out of everything and got sorta used to cooking with leeks instead and sometimes shallots...but i need to get to know the onion again...we used to be tight!

and finally...yay! some delicious (there really is no better tasting strawberry than one you grow yourself...truly) little strawberries almost ready...we have to hide them from Bodie...he still is the worst pest in our garden...

hopefully there will be an even more exciting garden update soon...

and honestly - if any of you know anything about broccoli or onions flowering and if they are salvageable - let me know in the comments!

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Paige said...

I know most people don't eat the broccoli once it has flowered, but I am not sure if there is a reason... it might still be ok. I have heard though that if you cut off a smallish broccoli head though, that 2 will grow in it's place, but you have to catch it before it flowers. Since the plants purpose is to seed, if you cut it before it seeds, then it tries extra hard to seed again.

And onions... you are supposed to pick them when 1/3-1/2 of the stalks have turned brown, not sure about flowering.