Friday, March 11, 2011

The Mommy App

i have had a coupla conversations with other mommies lately about how thankless our jobs are...not really about that...more like the conversation would go like this:

Me: I feel like if I work out 4 times in a week I should be given an award or something...
Other Mommy: You should! That is amazing! I did a load of laundry today AND put it away!
Me: Holy crow! you are fantastic! how did you find the time?
Other Mommy: wow! that feels really good for someone to congratulate me on something that should happen.
Me: I know! No one ever tells us how amazing we are for making it through the day without yelling at our kids.
Other Mommy: There should be a Mommy App that congratulates you and tells you how amazing you are if you make dinner that isnt popcorn and apples.
Me: you think to give them apples with popcorn? You are Amazing!!

so...i didnt find a mommy app...and i dont have the skill/time/motivation to make one...BUT i did find this app that is a round of applause whenever you press the button. it is so addicting and a total mood lifter. i tried it after i emptied the dishwasher....wuuuuu! i was so encouraged that i also wiped down the kitchen counter and pressed it again...wuuuu!

anyway...i highly recommend it...on my droid its called "guiltify"...i am sure there is something similar for the iphone.

so...i think you are all amazing for putting your kids to bed AND reading them a story (for the gillionth time) and for managing to get dressed today....wuuuuuu!!!! way to go SUPERMOM!

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