Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bunny Zoodie

Spring is here! Can you feel it? We just spent the evening at our lovely farmers market on a blanket eating yummy food...I am feeling a nice tradition of picnic dinners ahead!

So here is the bunny zoodie *sorta* in time for Easter - order now to ensure Easter delivery! you can do this in white...if you are brave...or your kid is neat...mine are not...i have already washed this zoodie twice and my son is only 7 months old! Or gray...or any color really - want a red bunny? sure! why not!

the best part about this is that not only is this Bobby's first zoodie - its also his first time as a model in my store!

I had a rough go at trying to figure out how to get these ears to stick up...i tried about 4 different ways i think...lots of seam ripping. What i found worked the best was actually the easiest and washing machine win win! i just hand sew a little piece of fleece connecting the back of the ear to the there is a little fleece bridge - not too noticeable and makes them poke up so cute!

and that little tail in  the back when he is crawling away! darling!

The bunny zoodie is now available in the shop - Happy Spring Everyone!

1 comment:

Rashelle said...

Delia saw this and said:

"hop, hop, hop...Peter rabbit".

Kid approved!