Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Love It! Valentines Edition

1. This cute print - love!

2. My new headband...a gift that i have not stopped wearing!

3. These are on my "to make" list! yummers!

4. You guys....i was so so so happy to find this on YouTube...i used to swing dance at Disneyland every Saturday my Sr year in H.S. and this couple was there EVERY time...doing the cha cha usually...i danced with the husband before and he was very nice...but i LOVED watching them and now you can too (its super short)

5. i would eat chocolate covered salt if they made it...but i would settle for this bar instead...

6. One of my favorite-est Love Stories!

7. A cute little number for a hot date! I am semi-obsessed with this outfit...not sure if my body type could pull it off...but i would try dern it!

8. Their Valentines menu looks awesome! Good thing they are right down the street from me!

9. This rug is so sweet!

10. A sweet necklace with all your loves on them! 

That's all for now! Have a happy Love Day!

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