Sunday, February 27, 2011

Imagination Movers Live - Cool Kid Places

sooo...let me just start off by saying before i became a mom...or really a mom to a pre-schooler who started stating their preference of things like TV shows and so forth...i would see commercials for "disney on ice" or "barney sings" or something like that designed for toddlers and i would be like, shoot me now...i would rather poke my temples with sunglass stems than go to that...

(which is why i wish i would have thought of this title...genius BTW) so anyway - we are those parents...i guess to be fair i still would not go to disney on ice...or anything dora/diego/repeat stuff a jillion times...or something i would absolutely loathe...but we do make sacrifices of our own pleasurable experiences because we know our kids would fuh-reak out over it...

enter Imagination Movers. i had stated earlier that my uncle is warehouse mouse...he (thank you Uncle Kevin!) was able to get us free tickets to the show at the Nokia Theater. all 5 of us went and it was so so fun guys! truly! the kids were able to have a real rock n' roll concert experience - complete with an encore! bryson danced the whole time and even bodie was rocking out (he likes to dance fight with his arms...which is amazing) and bobby fell asleep toward the end, which i thought equally amazing.

after the show we got to go to the after-party and bryson got to meet the movers and Nina...he gave her a hug but was super shy about funny...who would ever think that boy shy? the mama in me hopes this trend continues with girls ;)

but we truly had so much fun - part of the fun...okay really most of the fun was watching bryson have this experience. i always thought my Uncle Kevin was pretty cool growing up because when i was a kid he was in Pee-Wee's my kids are thinking he is pretty cool too...funny how that works!

so bodie kept talking about the "house mouse" and "funny" i asked him - do you want mommy to make you a warehouse mouse sweatshirt? "da!" he goes...pretty darling if you ask a very biased me!


Anonymous said...

I had no idea you knew warehouse mouse!!!! You are a superstar. They are all adorable, especially your own mouse.


MMJen said...

I was at the Nokia show as well! And the show in San Diego. And the show in Lafayette and New Orleans. Oh yea, that's 4 shows in one month, all including VIP M&G, and the Sony Style store. Mover Scott actually introduced me to your Uncle Kevin at the Nokia show as well,.. very cool to meet Warehouse Mouse in person. As you can tell, we are huge Imagination Movers fans, and definitely plan on make a couple more shows on the east coast as well. Wee-ho! For those that have not yet their tickets in hand, you can get them here:! Oh, go ahead and splurge on the VIP, totally worth it to meet the guys and the pics are awesome. And hey, you just may be lucky enough to meet WH Mouse! ;)