Friday, February 18, 2011

Cool Kid Places - Heritage Park - Cerritos

Bobby the Best Baby in the World
i had this marathon day yesterday....ugh...i feel as though i will need a couple days to recover....i had the boys all to myself ALL all boys on me all no break/rest at all for mama...and i took them like 5 different places...the first of which was the Dr. myself...all 3 kids...which is not so fun...the good thing is that it was my sister's office, so there is a little more compassion there...but fun.

so anyway...enough of my whining...gawsh...i sound like my kids! i knew that we had a lot to do yesterday, so i wanted to make sure to run them around and i was in Downey for the Dr. appointment and knew that Heritage Park wasnt far...only my droid took me to the Santa Fe Heritage Park...not the Cerritos one that i wanted/intended to go to.

So here is my review of the Santa Fe Heritage Park:
very small. focus on native american and 1800s ranch living in southern california. not a whole lot to do for little ones. my boys almost destroyed their fancy garden.

At the Santa Fe Heritage Park - A big nasty bird cage that apparently looked tasty to Bodie...nast

Santa Fe - Native American boat exhibit
So we tried to make the most out of it, but could only really last 35 i took them over to the Cerritos Heritage Park.

This park is adorable (minus the nasty ducks and their duck poop everywhere) - the whole park is set up like Boston circa American Revolution...there is a statue of Paul Revere at the front of the park and the Wadsworth poem goes on throughout the park. i tried to have a conversation with Bryson about the American Revolution and how America got fail...but whatever, it was the beginning of a conversation, right? i am just planting the seeds in his fertile little mind...i try to throw as many seeds in there as i can...hoping some will take root...okay...overdone analogy...

Can you see the heart of water in this tree? My boys are drawn to dirt in any form...
There are little buildings made to look like a little Boston town and in the buildings are jungle gyms, slides, stairs - so fun! the boys had a blast! we brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed the very large playground for a while too. the only thing i would recommend is that it is very hard to keep up with two boys climbing around when you have a i will ditch it next time.

Its a fun little park - i highly recommend it for playdates and even birthday parties (there is a picnic table area with several tables) - a little something for every little type...

Colonial Ship at Cerritos - these are the nasty ducks i was telling you about...

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