Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kite Shirts

i have been in a crafting lately i have been substituting a day a week of my rest time to spend crafting with bryson while the other boys are sleeping. this is a sacrifice of love rest time is my "gain my sanity back so i can be a good mama until bedtime" time...but some things are worth crafting with bryson - he truly enjoys time spent alone with me, and of course i feel the same!

so bryson came home from school with some "kites" the other day. they were pieces of paper - one he cut in a triangle and the other he cut a heart and someone punched a hole at the bottom and then he tied string. anyway - that was his very precious kite and everything that day was about kites kites kites! i started thinking and i knew i had some extra blank shirts around i didnt know what to do with and so he gave me the idea. i told him what i was thinking and he was very on board.

he picked out the colors - he helped me cut (and then i re-cut after him) and helped me clean up after...then we made these simple kites...which he was so excited about he even danced...

bobby even got one too! i love this picture - it looks like he is the way - did you see his new sitting up trick? perty fancy!

the handsome young man...i can't believe he is 5...he is so much fun right now! tonight we are going to surprise him (and bodie) and go see Imagination Movers at the Nokia Theater...and we get to sit next to Warehouse Mouse himself (he happens to be my uncle) - wish us luck - we are going as a family and still not sure what Bodie is going to think about it all...have a happy weekend friends!

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Anonymous said...

First off, in that first photo Bryson looks JUST like you! I've never thought it before, but I def see it in his eyes.

I hope you can come to the kite party! Bryson would love it. :)