Monday, December 6, 2010

The Butterfly Zoodie - Part Three first started like this...and then there was here is the third version of the butterfly.

oh dear...that first butterfly was only done in May...why does Bryson now look 2 years older? i feel like every birthday his face transforms a little. his motivation changes too. i had to give him a quarter to pose for me this time.

anyway - this was a custom order for a friend. if people seem to like it I will eventually post it, so let me know which butterfly you like best!

(i do have to add that this version is more washing machine friendly since the wings are made of fleece and not felt...)


Juliet said...

So I hadn't even seen it when I sent you the note I would have Jane model! love it love it love it and they are going to also.

Thanks so much!

Robyn Prado said...

That is ADOREABLE!!!

Anonymous said...

I love greta's the best. Really. I do. :)