Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fremont Community Market

this last saturday was my first craft fair by myself...without my girls. of my girls still showed up to keep me company, of which i am so so grateful! without her there, i would have bummed out on the day! there were not a lot of customers to be had and thank the good Lord there was a playground directly across from my booth to keep my kids occupied!

i had planned on selling off some Zoodies and SweetB inventory...i ended up only selling 4 zoodies all day. the optimist in me is like, so many people were so excited about them and i got exposure! and the pessimist in me is like, no one liked them THAT much.

i go back on forth on craft fairs. i have done a handful of them and some of them are spot on and others seem to be a total flop and it seems like i can never tell which is which.

when i have my oldest, bryson, ask to come with me all day it makes me a little glee-full. he stressed about making stuff to sell. on a brilliant note bryan suggested he sell his paper airplanes for a quarter each.

you should have seen his face light up!

he set up a little booth and i made a little sign.

he ended up giving them away (kinda like his mama!)

plus he was too distracted by the playground.

but him in his shark zoodie and bodie in his skunk zoodie were my best advertisement of the day.

that night at dinner Bryan led grace and thanked the Lord that the boys have a mama that appreciates handmade and loves to share her gift with our community and my heart just opened up and spilled out and i couldn't have felt prouder...that my boys were all a part of it...from Bryan setting up and tearing down and helping me market my booth...and Bryson telling people his mama made his sweatshirt and wanting to sit with me...and Bodie wearing his hood all day...and Bobby being oh so patient...makes it all worth it...despite my actual sales :)

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Paige said...

Totally just teared up at that last bit! So excited to see you guys tomorrow!