Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Thoughtful Christmas

so this Christmas was a very new experience for me. i bought the majority of my presents online.

part of the fun for me is going to the stores and getting inspired, but with 3 young boys under 5 and 2 businesses to run, i knew that was not going to least not in a fun more of a "i would rather poke myself with dull toothpicks" type of way.

i had so much fun online shopping for people though after the kiddos went to bed! Etsy makes this oh so easy.

For example...(i know bryson can't read yet, so i am safe on this one)...Bryson recently turned 5...which means he can officially golf on a course. Bryan has only taken him to the local par 3 course for 9 holes, but pretty soon he will outgrow that and move on up. When he did go with his dad i realized he is sorely lacking in golf attire. I just typed in a few search words on etsy, like "boy golf" and i found these adorable pants.

pair it with a nice black polo and sweet golf hat and he is going to the the most stylish 5 year old on the course!

also - its no secret i love my TOM'S shoes. i own about 5 pairs and i probably shouldn't wear 4 of them, but i do. I totally believe in the company and the idea of self-perpetuating/sustaining non-profit and so my nieces (already, so again i am safe) received their own pairs.

I tried to make as many presents too as time allowed, but these days that doesn't amount to i relied on other talented people to spread handmade love for me! For example - the very talented, beautiful friend of mine, Whitney of Bel Kai Designs - she is accepting orders until the 11th, so hurry up folks!

more examples AFTER the holidays - i don't want any spoilers!

i encourage you all to do the same - there is still time for a lot of stores! - spread the handmade love!

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No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane said...

SO hilarious about the TOMS. I love the sparkle ones too!!