Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Geocaching - 3rd Attempt and First Find!

we had tried for the first time when we were in Colorado. 

Robin - if you are reading this...i read your FB post about how you went with your girls and then someone told me there is an app for geochaching and now you can do it with your *smart* phone, so i downloaded one while we were in CO and we went to test it out. So you totally inspired us! 

Unfortunately, the one we tried to find was excavated due to construction...bryson was super bummed too because he wanted to find "treasure". The second one i think my phone and my free app is not the greatest at the coordinates, and my kids' blood sugar levels must have been low because they were all kinds of crazy and i didnt have the time to look around for it. this third time i came prepared with snacks and a stroller...

So - this is so fun! what a perfect activity to do with the kiddos...you get exercise, teach them to use a compass and the different directions (N,S,E,W) and it gives your hikes a focus and goal...which, let me tell you is HUGE - kids dont always understand hiking for the fun of it!!! i am still super new at this and need to figure out what all the terms are and the different types of caches, but i can see it being a past-time of ours for sure!

we found this one near our stomping grounds at the El Dorado Nature Walk...Bryson found it - he was soooo excited. and, being new to this, i am not 100% sure that this was it...pretty sure...our coordinates matched up and everything, but i thought there is usually a log sheet in them? i dunno...still new to it all.

Here is the geocache website in case you are interested too!

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Robyn Prado said...

That's awesome Car. I emailed you my response regarding the log, but isn't it so much fun! If you look at the caches on Google Maps it is AMAZING how many there are. You can find one just about anywhere you go. We just picked some off in old towne YL!