Monday, September 15, 2008

Seattle Coffee Chili

an overcast morning got me thinking chili thoughts...i remembered the cookbook finally to bring to the store - there is always random things in each recipe that you wouldn't necessarily have in your cupboard...masa harina or dried pasilla chilis or the other random things that each recipe seems to call for...i chose the washington state seattle chili because i already had the meat and needed to use it, plus the coffee in the chili intrigued me. it turned out better than i expected, although i must say it doesn't seem like chili to me without any beans...sorry...i don't know if my mind will change much there...but it was pretty spicy also - the recipe calls for 12 dried pasilla chilis stemmed and seeded also chili powder, chicken, coffee, garlic and onion, chicken broth and a little shuga. i served it over rice because i wanted to take some kick out of it - i also made a strawberry spinach salad to add some sweet to all that spice. i also did the jalapeno cornbread recipe in the back of the turned out awesome! it was my first time making cornbread from scratch - so easy - i think i can't do it out of the box anymore...although now i have enough cornbread to feed like 10 people...anyone hungry?


Rashelle said...
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Rashelle said...

Rashelle meant to say:

Darn it! I left w/out corn bread :(