Monday, September 1, 2008

museum schmeum

we came back yesterday from a wonderful vacay in santa barbara - thanks to my dad and julie for letting us crash their condo that they rented! we packed our time with the museum and the zoo and the beach and bike rides and walks and parks and time with friends. we miss santa barbara so much and had fun exploring the beautiful city with Bryson. i had heard about the museum of natural history, but hadn't gone, so i thought bryson might dig the dinosaur exhibit - well - he was not so much into the museum...while talking to my mom at the museum she asked what he saw, to which he replied, "we saw animals...they didn't move" - so that was his take on it anyway. he did love the bug exhibit, which he is very much into these days - obsessed is probably a more correct term. we can't walk to the park (which is usually a 5 minute walk) without spending 20 minutes finding all the ants and roly poly's and bugs. here is a pic of him by the bug exhibit and also his other favorite part of the museum - the nature trail - he went running on ahead of us and we stopped him at one point and read the sign...that is when we taught him the all important thumbs up sign...enjoy!

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