Tuesday, September 23, 2008

putting bryson to work!

well bryson finally got a job! i mean we have been telling that kid that he needs to get off his lazy butt and get to work ever since he could walk and that sloth of a child can not seem to find anything...but we got a call last week that Hot Topic wanted him for a photo shoot and booked him straight from his card which meant mommy didnt even have to endure an audition (yeah!) i just had to show them his work permit...seriously...and off he went to model about 15 shirts for their online catalog - click here to view the model himself!

he did a great job - i lost a little sleep the night before realizing that although i am quite a bit bigger than him - an almost 3 year old's will is VERY strong...i mean bryson is not what you would call an easygoing child and just recently started caring VERY much about what clothes he likes and does not like - rashelle and linsey have witnessed a little bit of this with his mickey pirate shirt - thank you Mrs. Espley - which he wanted to wear for at least a week. any way - taking on and off 12 shirts - some of them he liked VERY much and other he DID NOT want to wear AT ALL...despite my fears and despite his will - he actually got the job done super fast and i think the photographer was pleased for the most part with his energy and quickness. we have been working on his blue steel pose for next time...at least they got one of the thumbs up pics - that pose took some time, but the hard work paid off!