Tuesday, September 2, 2008

bryson's new friends

last time i was pregnant i knew only three others in my same condition - a cousin who lives in washington and an old high school friend who lived in san diego and a college friend who now has two adorable babies, one of which holds a special place in bryson's heart (see him and violet on the hill). i saw my friend only once but other than that i felt like an island...both metaphorically and literally toward the end. this time around - 3 years later - i feel like i am part of a community of women all breeding for some reason. it is so nice to be surrounded by other families starting and growing families. it truly takes a village and i truly appreciate all the support and advice and great gifts i have received from other moms. i am amazed at how innovative and wise some moms have become. i have also enjoyed watching so many women experience the joy of motherhood and that transition - which can be both scary and thrilling, and can turn so many women utterly soft and strong at the same time. i just wanted to share some of bryson's friends born of our westmont friends - the top pictures are of violet and cohen, whose parents are Vanessa Zarate-Lacky and Doug Lacky. The next picture down of the sweet baby girl is Signy Grace Hansen, daughter of Andy and Monica Hansen and the darling baby boy with the beautiful eyes is Declan Oliver Hurley, son of Solera and Jeff Hurley. They put something in the water at Westmont so that you have gorgeous babies i think...

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