Tuesday, September 9, 2008

hey guess what i did today...

i purchased a new potty - a top loader if you will because the whole side loader was getting a little hard to clean...plus it just had too may parts. i wanted a simpler model. the thing came with stickers that i absent-mindedly placed to the side. bryson became fascinated with the aforementioned stickers and good thing bryan had the common sense to tell him you get 1 if you pee-pee and 2 if you poo-poo in the potty. he immediately dropped trou and dropped a deuce. if i only knew stickers would get him motivated...candy didn't do it...dad even promised the kid a bike for poop's sake. anyway there happened to be an audience - my mom and sister were there to cheer him on and he was super proud of himself all day. in fact at dinner that night while with my mom (his mor-mor) there were some random girls in front and he said to them, "guess what I did? i went poo-poo in my potty today!" apparently they cheered him on as well...perhaps this is a big step in potty training i thought...then bryan tells me after we left that afternoon he pooped again in his diaper...no poop again in the potty to speak of either...oh well - i am giving him till he is 5 to use the potty - i think it is a pre-requisite for kindergarten...then again...there is always homeschooling!

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