Saturday, August 11, 2012

San Diego Zoo - Cool Kid Places

Wow - 2 cool kid places post in one week!

We had an open weekend a couple weekends ago and found ourselves at the San Diego Zoo. Bryan was in an adventurous mood and wanted to get out of town. Since we were planning on heading north the next weekend, the obvious choice was south! We decided all of this around 11:00 on a Saturday...still in our pajamas. So we got the boys all ready and headed down (heavily trafficked journey) and didnt make it to the gates until 2:30. We ended up staying until 8:30, which was our boys' limits. We made them walk almost the entire time - even Bobby and they were oh so pooped at the end - they all fell asleep within seconds after getting their jammies on and getting in their seats. 

So...just so you know - the zoo is very hilly! be prepared...and by very hilly - i mean...hilly! There is a tram you can take, but it is 30-45 minutes long and i didnt want to deal with Bobby that whole time. he is not the to be pinned down kinda dude. 

but the boys did great! it helped that we brought snacks and treats to help them along. We were not going to eat inside the park, but blood sugar levels at one point were at an all time low and we found this Chinese food place that we knew they would actually park food it was. and it was okay. and by okay i mean - pack your own food. 

We did take the gondola that goes across the park (in the sky, not the ground) and that was my favorite part - it was so quiet and beautiful and the second time we took it was during sunset and you got some awesome views. It was free with admission and i wish we could have ridden it one more time! you cant take a double stroller on it though, so keep that in mind before you go. Also, as a family of 5 we had to split up because only 4 at a time. 

These were the only pics we got with our good camera until the battery ran out, but we got some cute ones with our phones, which i will post on our family blog.

The kids loved this place and we will have to go back because we didn't get to see a lot of the animals...even though we were there for 6 hours! we did get to see a lot, though and the lions were awake and we heard the male lion yawn and it rumbled the ground just from yawning...i couldnt imagine a growl! we also saw the jaguars up close pacing, which was cool and the elephants were all about and so cute. i love elephants. Very fun family day - special day - i highly recommend! 

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