Sunday, August 12, 2012

I used to want to be a stand up comedian

that sounded like a blah blah blahger post title :)-

my husband and i love PRX on XM radio. i usually always listen to it if i find myself alone in a car (its not always appropriate content for kiddos) - its a lot of stories and Bryan heard one the other day that he said I had to listen to...and he was right!

any of you guys have kids (or have known kids) who love that show Blue's Clues? Remember how the host switched and the new guy (Joe) just wasn't as good...well here is an episode of MOTH where the original host - Steve- shares his story about being the host of a popular kids show...its so are welcome.


it really moved me. It is so impressive to hear someone tell a story - and tell it well. I loved going to see the MOTH in LA and we have been fortunate to see amazing story tellers live (Bill Cosby, Robin Williams). One of my favorite story tellers is Mike Birbiglia...who is happening to be performing on my birthday in Orange County...pretty cool...i plan on seeing it!

it just has me thinking...i used to want to do stand-up - try it at least once. i even carried a notebook around with me for a span writing down things i thought were funny or little tidbits of a joke...but then i started listening to PRX and hearing more amazing story tellers and knew that making someone laugh is nice, but taking someone on a journey and being able to arouse emotions that weren't there before...that is powerful. i have a new goal now...i want to speak at a MOTH - i am going to work on cultivating some stories and see where it takes me. sort of nerve racking, but also nice to put it out there in the cyberworld as a way to kickstart my gears!

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