Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love it!!! Turning Two Edition

My Baby is turning 2 in a few short weeks! I can not believe it...I have been puzzling over what to get him and how big a deal to make this 2 birthday of his. I think his birthday (Sept 2) is a pretty great one because its a great excuse to throw an end of summer party! and i will generally take any excuse i can...Below are a few things i found for inspiration while hunting around for him!

I fell in love with this Apple Papple print from One Fine Day. 
(Its one half of a favorite Swedish nursery rhyme)

You can't have too many "B"s is what i always say...not really...but really...if you came to my house you would know...I think of Bobby when i see This Sweet B

He isnt a fan right now...but just wait Bobby Barnes! You will be dapper yet!

These Natives were made for Bobby - I dare him to destroy them!

I would dress Bobby in Overalls every day if I could! These vintage striped pair are adorable!!!

We already have we need a third...they are by far the favorites in the backyard! Plasma Car

I love their clothes - this Shirt would make a fun birthday shirt! From Copenhagen Styles

 Oh my goodness...Bobby goes through shoes like no ones business...and sadly i have no size 6 shoes to pass down to him, so he will definitely be needing some birthday Boots! From Livie and Luca

These Penny Skateboards are so rad! And I know he is turning 2 and has no business on a skateboard, but its already happening either go with it or listen to Bobby scream for hours while his other brothers ride that kid is already doing i think he will be alright!

I love their Tee Pees from House of Habit. I could probably make one...but i am certain it wouldnt be this cool! i can just see the boys playing in it and it makes me smile!

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