Thursday, August 9, 2012

A dress and Blanket for Riley

I have been just so giddy over this little niece of mine! I went to get some fabric to make her baby blanket and found this precious yellow fabric on sale for 2.99 a yard, so of course i had to make her a matching dress! i busted out a pattern i havent used in years, but that mamas are always telling me how much they love because of how long their girls can wear starts out a dress, then becomes a cute top for several years sometimes! This size pattern says 3-6 months, so i wanted to see if bobby at nearly 2 could fit into it and he did! and of course i took pictures! (Bryson is no stranger to this, evidence here) i was sewing this dress i had this realization that I havent sewn a dress since i was pregnant with Bobby. as soon as i found out Bobby was a Bobby I put the dress patterns away. I think i was sewing so many dresses thinking maybe i would have a little Kajsa of my own to put in them and it was sad for me for a while to think about sewing dresses for no real reason...but now I do have a little Kajsa to put in them! and making little dresses does bring me joy...such joy...i am sorry - i love my boys and i love sewing for my boys, but man - pants and shorts are just not the same!

Sorry for the last pic of the blanket - it says her name, Riley Kajsa Guinta - just a bad shot, but had to show the original intent of the fabric trip :)

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