Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Lil' Gnome

a while back i went on this fleece hat sewing spree...i had one left and just remembered i stuck it on my little gnome! i love it! he the most delectable little gnome you ever did see? this little coat was a little early Christmas present that i could not resist - on sale from the nutmeg tree (on vacation now...sorry!) - other things happening in this picture i would like to point out...he is only wearing one shoe...which has since been found luckily - we are on the 4th pair of shoes for this kid- i dont know what his deal is...
also...those rings on the ground are golf instructional thingees...a birthday present for bryson...i am also hearing rumors about a certain someone installing a putting green in our backyard...hmmm...

in other news...i haven't done a zoodies update for a while now...cause i have been so busy with orders - thank you! i went on a zoodies making spree as well and updated the shop - all zoodies in stock should ship out in time for Christmas! 

Hope you are enjoying the Advent Season!

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