Monday, November 14, 2011

I Love it! Patchwork Long Beach Edition

Patchwork came in town to Long Beach on the 6th and I was able to pop on by for a bit. It was a rainy morning, but I was so happy to see that the venue still had a good turnout...i was able to cross a few people off my christmas shopping list and check out some amazing artists and crafts - i wanted to share some of my favorite finds with you!

1. Artwork by Andrea Zuill

loved her grumpy kid drawings and her halloween-ey stuff - i asked her if she is in any children's books
and she said that she was so close...that is where and what she wants to be doing. it will just be a matter of time before you see her art in books - don't you think?

2. Sass & Peril - prints

they had the sweetest little animals and artwork - perfect for a nursery or kids room...they also had fun tote bags and cards - loved them!

3. Pommes Frites - home decor

i may have picked up one of these hollowed out books...but i could have bought a ton more! i loved them - so fun and sturdy and i could think of at least 10 people who would absolutely love it!

4. home spun vintage - kids vintage clothes

the bargain bin was awesome! she also had some pin on bow ties made from men's ties that were too good to pass up. i love the extra details she added to the pieces to give them a little more handmade feel. so cute!

5. Yellow 108 - accessories

they had such an amazing assortment of handmade hats. i wanted them to have some for kiddos, but i know a certain husband that would love to add to his collection!

and i lost the business card to the last little booth i wanted to share. i bought the sweetest little hanging succulent ceramic planter from this booth...forgot the name...but if anyone knows who i am talking about, please let me know so i can share!

if you are in the socal area - check out the next patchwork shows!

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