Friday, December 16, 2011

DIY Varsity Shirt

i was at this festival the other weekend and this dude had on this vintage varsity sweatshirt and i loved it. i looked up some varsity "B"s online and found one in my old high school colors and made a felt one for bryson...i loved how it turned out...he was kinda into it too...which is nice -it is getting trickier and trickier to sew for that boy.

i am into these varsity sweatshirts too...may make some for some b-day presents - i have a bunch of fleece that may be good to use for it as well - but its all very nostalgic and silly to me...i told bryson he lettered in golf and he was like, "oh...awesome!" like he knows what that means, ha!

(i found that plaid fabric in the remnant bin at Jo-anns for couple bucks so i picked it up and made this little handkerchief for bryson out of it...super simple...took all of 5 would be a great gift for a fashionable little guy, or gal.)

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