Monday, December 19, 2011

Barnes Boys Fashion - Golf Day

sadly these posts have died out since bryson started kindergarten and wears his uniform every day. on the weekends we have been doing soccer, then church/ it seems like bryson rarely gets to wear normal play clothes these days. this weekend bryson had a golf lesson and bryan took bodie along too - getting him prepared for the next year or so...bodie is scary good already...its kinda freaky...and little bobby already knows how to hit the ball...i look forward to the future with my saturdays all to myself....and bryan with his foursome...but i think i have a while to go...

on bobby:
hat - H&M
shirt - H&M

on Bodie:
hat - thrifted
shirt - Penguin
pants - thrifted
shoes - puma

i found this vest at the thrift store and bryson loved it and he had a bow tie to match and so i asked him if he wanted to wear it. he told me that he didnt think golfers wore bow ties...i then showed him all these rad pictures of golfers from the 20s, 30s and 40s - with their knickers and argyle and sweater vests....he was totally into it - and i made him promise if he ever becomes a pro golfer that he has to dress like this...he pinky promised. so he wanted to pose like the golfers he told me...

on bryson:
hat - gorin
shirt - H&M
vest - thrifted
bow tie - thrifted
shorts - Shaun White for Target
shoes - Vans

look at this guy...he is so big i cant stand it...i keep wondering how i got a 6 year old all the strange that they become little people...

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