Thursday, November 10, 2011

table runner re-cycle

goodness...i just checked my post and i got these feed sacks at this garage sale a year and a half ago! i can not believe it has been that long...yes i can...never any rate - i did not know what to do exactly with them, so they have sat in my fabric pile for a while now...a year and a half i guess...and so i decided to fashion them into a table runner.

i did them in a way so that i could easily take them out and still use them on whatever...pillow? curtain? i dont know...which is why they have sat for so long...but i am enjoying seeing them every day on my table. i love the graphic and the colors of the feed sack, and the owner pretty much gave them to me as a consolation prize...he was probably thinking, "who would want to buy these old sacks?"

do any of you all have any grand feed sack ideas? they could still be re-purposed!

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