Friday, October 28, 2011

scurvy pirates

i think the first year i got to dress my little boy up i picked something cute, but warm...the second year i let him kinda pick...and i have done pretty good at letting them all tell me what they want to be (i guess not bobby yet...he doesnt get a say so...but thats on account-a he doesnt talk). so anyway - i let them pick and bryson wanted to be either Finn from Adventure Time or David Bowie ala the Labyrinth. Bodie wanted to be Harold and the Purple Crayon.

I am still working on bryson's costume...bodie's was easy - a blue footed pajama and a big purple crayon. the only thing was that i didnt account for all these daytime costume parties - dressing up at school...for a birthday party...for another little party...for all kinds of activities during the HOT days...some days it has been in the i decided to execute halloween plan B. pirates. 

i just whipped these up the other night without asking them if they wanted to be pirates...without really measuring fact i made basically the same size for both of the boys - just really loose and forgiving. i didnt overlock anything...i just kept it super simple and the greatest thing is...they can get it dirty and muss it up and it will just add to the authenticity of it all - brilliant! 

it isnt my finest piece of work...but i was proud of myself for using only things i had laying around and things that i havent used for years...and also making a shirt and vest, which i had never done before. dont inspect them too closely...i warn you...but how fitting for a couple of scurvy pirates! i have to add that it did make me a teensy bit proud that amid the sea of pirates in his class...bodie had the only authentic i just need to whip up a couple of eye patches!

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