Thursday, October 27, 2011

Podcasts to check out

do you do podcasts? i feel like there isnt a whole lotta talk about them, but i have found myself scouring the archives for good podcasts. is that geeky? i dont know if this is okay to admit...but i almost never listen to music in the car by myself anymore. i almost exclusively listen to NPR, and more exactly, PRX. I had the opportunity to listen to some of my favorite shows and thought it would be fun to share with those of you who don't have XM or sirius and want some fun podcasts to listen to. I listen to podcasts while i do my sewing at nights home alone - i also listen to them doing remedial office work like filing or billing (with ear phones on). they are a fun way to pass the time...anyway - here are some of my favorites!

1. This American Life.

With host, Ira Glass. if you haven't heard of it...please check it out. Every episode I have heard (and that is a lot) has been either entertaining or interesting or both. I can not recall a single bad episode. The layout of the show is usually centered around a theme and 3-4 "acts" or different stories related to that theme. Some of my favorite episodes:

The Invention of Money - fascinating episode about how we invent money and worth
How to Talk to Kids - so good...just listen...
Break-Up   - even better after you read Twilight

2. The MOTH                

These are true stories told by *semi* real people. I say *semi* because probably 80% of them are in the entertainment business somehow, but sometimes you get an AMAZING story from a non-celeb and at least most of the ones i have heard are heartfelt in one way or another. listen to a couple and you will be hooked...swear...

Toast - by Colin Quinn - a true story about a horrible gig      
One of the best ones i heard, i found on youtube - A.J. Jacobs talking about Outsourcing his Life.

you can also attend the story slams...there is one coming up next week i think in LA - i have gone before and it was awesome!

3. 99% Invisible

With host, Roman Mars - a show about design and architecture - there was this fascinating story i heard on one the other day where he investigated the history behind the columns in the washington arboretum...every one i have heard has brought these amazing stories to spaces - love them!

4. The Memory Palace

with host, Nate DiMeo - its harder to explain concisely - usually a compilation of music and stories around a central theme with questionable history. i have loved every episode i have heard.

here is one that is great - consumer electric eulogy

5. The Kitchen Sisters

gosh..everybody loves them...they are highly respected broadcast journalists and it seems like every piece i have heard by them is a knock out!

here is their more recent work - and every one is amazing...again...i swear!

so there you go...a few podcasts to look know...if you are into that sorta thing...if you don't think you are, but aren't sure...give one (or two) a try - you never know - you just may be a geek like me!

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