Thursday, October 20, 2011

Captain USA Zoodie

i am a little terrified of words like infringement and copyright and all those types of things...can you tell? i had a friend ask me to make a couple of these for his nephews and at first i hesitated because bryson's super-zoodie ended up taking me a long while and i still have yet to find a way to attach the cape and make it friendly on the pocket in order to sell. but to my delight Captn USA does not have a cape...and in fact these came out fairly easy! but the real deal has red and white stripes along the bottom and i havent figured a way to include that without making the pocket obsolete...any suggestions?

these are also horribly photographed also BTW...i am missing my photographer around...we have been two ships lately passing...last night we were supposed to have a little date at home together and watch a movie and i fell asleep on the couch at 7...woke up at 8...declared i am done for...and brushed my teeth, took off my shoes and collapsed in bed. i believe it was the first time ever i fell asleep before my kids. we have both been working very hard...almost non-stop. i realized last night that as much as my brain wanted to get stuff done, my body just wasn't cooperating. it couldnt even watch television. that was when i knew i needed to listen to body and give in.

anyway...dont know where that all went, but i wanted to show you all this little number and ask if you think it should go up in the shop? should i make it more "costumey" or is it nice that it is simple? i get torn a lot on that - i personally like them simple. bryson goes to a school with a uniform dress code and i feel like i could send him in this without violating long as he keeps the hood down during school. a little fun in a sea of same-ness :) but please...spill your beans...if you feel so inclined i would love to hear your thoughts!

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