Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gus Gus Zoodie

i have been on a zoodie-cation...the holiday orders...the sickness that overtook my entire family since not sleeping...also add in our family business and working overtime to try to tie up all the accounting for 2010...who can blame me? but i have had some family/friend orders sitting here for a little over a month and decided my vacation should end...

my sister commissioned this little number...a Gus Zoodie for a friend of hers who calls their fat little baby Gus. i LOVED gus from cinderella when i was a wee one...he is just the cutest! i also LOVE the name Gus - it is a big family name in my very swedish family - cousin happens to be a Gus...i totally would've named one of my boys Gus but Hubby vetoed it...1. it doesnt start with a "B" and 2. he didnt want our baby to be fat and bald forever, which i guess is what he thinks of when he hears the name Gus (which isn't cousin is a cutie little surfer boy)

i debated on whether or not to put the shirt on him...i ended up deciding not to for three reasons (again with the numbering...sorry) 1. it was way easier to do a belly 2. if they really wanted a shirt they could just put it on over the sweatshirt...much easier and 3. it was way easier.

i think he turned out perty cute though!

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mackenzie said...

SOOO cute. This could open up a whole can of worms though...fave childhood cartoon character Zoodies. :)

Botill Family said...

So cute!! Love the Gus-Gus!!

Erin said...

Hi Carlee! I'm the super thankful recipient of the "Gus Gus" zoodie :o) I'll have to send you a picture of chubby baby E in his sweatshirt...he looks awesome.

And big brother Brady, a dinosaur lover of unmatched proportion, LOVES and practically lives in his dino Zoodie.

Thank you sooo much! I'll be posting soon about your fabulous creations on my own blog...

Thanks again...we love our Zoodies!