Thursday, January 13, 2011

Natural Bruise Remedy - Homemade Medicine!

i wanted to share my new bruise remedy i learned and now swear by...

the sad part is that the only way i can post this with any confidence is that he JUST did the same thing to his head a couple months ago...the first time it happened he fell flat on the corner wood beam on his bed. he came up and his head was literally dented was so so so gnarly. i immediately called my sister (who is a licensed P.A.) to ask her about concussion symptoms. She also told me to wake him every hour the night he did it so to make sure he was okay (which was semi-convenient since i am up these days every hour with bobby). so this last time he did it (he fell face first on concrete) - on monday actually - i was kinda just like "here we go again" meanwhile people were FUH-REAKIN out. i tried to explain he had a super hard head...anyway - it is super scary - bryan said he looks like an orc.

anyway - onto the remedy - this picture was taken on day 2 - and compared to the first time...this is MUCH prettier. he happened to fall at bryson's pre-school and one of the teachers said that there is a nanny from Guatemala who swears by a paste made from sugar and vinegar (i used apple cider because that is our cure-all around here) - just make the paste and put it on the sore and i covered it with a band-aid so he couldn't mess with it. i wish i would have known about this earlier...especially with this destructo-boy!!!

oh...and you are advance!

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