Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Reading: How the Nook Changed my Life maybe not so much, but oh the convenience is amazing! i have already read 3 books on it - and since having Bobby I haven't read a stitch...but now it is so convenient - i can do it one-handed, which makes it perfect for nursing...i can carry it in my purse, which makes it perfect for waiting rooms...and car rides where i am the passenger.

Also - i have about a zillion B&N gift cards that i am able to store on my account and whenever i purchase an e-book it uses my gift cards first...which is perfect since my shopping days are on hold for now...and those days of browsing a book store are a fond distant memory...but i can browse books now on my nook! it suits my habit of switching between a zillion books too!

My recent reads:


The Thirteenth Tale was super of those books that when you finish you are still lost in the world of it for a while. And i am currently reading The Sherlockian after hearing an interview with the author on NPR. I have never read any of the Shakespeare books, but believe I will have to now!

Please send me your book recs!! i am devouring them right now!

Some Other Recommendations:

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Amazing! I finished all 3 in like a week i couldnt put them down!

John Adams by David McCullough - I just started this, but already am loving how McCullough brings history to life!

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - read this a while ago - Young Adult Fiction - its great for discussion and would make an awesome book club book!

For more Young Adult reads, check out my friend Andrea (aka Book-Scout)'s site!


Anonymous said...

I just finished Baby Led Weaning. Dunno if you like parenting genre, but I recommend this. Already trying it out with little O! The gist: no pureed foods - baby begins with and exclusively does self-feeding.


Paige said...

Just started reading the first hunger games book yesterday on Kindle for iPhone... I totally never thought of using it to read while BF-ing until you mentioned it. I finished it this afternoon! Now on two #2. Thanks for the suggestion!