Monday, August 18, 2008

san jose

we got back last night rather late from a san jose weekend visiting bryan's family. i have such great in-laws. i joke that the only time i ever get a true vacation is when we go visit bryan's parents because my mother-in-law takes bryson from the time he gets up until the prayers at night, but i dont worry because he is right there and i know he is in great hands...i mean they raised an amazing man so of course they know what they are doing! we got to go on a date with kimmy since she was in town from NY - we saw Batman and went to cheesecake factory and of course a trip up north wouldnt be complete without bob's BBQ - thanks bob! bryan's sister kristie is also pregnant (with a girl)...kathy was trying to do the needle tests on us - we decided an outdoor needle test with wind is not the proper way to any rate - we had a great time...ate some great food...and actually got some sleep for once!

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