Friday, August 8, 2008

the most disgusting thing ever

a consistent belly ache led me to the doctor's office yesterday for bryson. he was not a good patient. he acted very much like a 2 year old yesterday i must say. he was not a fan of the scale, the height measurer, the thermometer, the table with the crinkly paper - nope - did not like any of it and he wanted to make sure that not just me and the nurse knew, but the entire pediatric office at Harriman Jones Medical fact i am pretty sure all of the second floor was aware that bryson did not want to be weighed. at any rate, nothing seemed abnormal, but "just to be sure" she handed me a lab slip to get some stool sample collectors at the lab...i battled between "keeping my eye on things" and "wanting to make absolutely sure" because i knew the stool collection would not be a fun task, but i did take him to the lab and i did pick up the containers and i did wait patiently for 1.5 days until he pooped...and i did regret giving him dried cherries yesterday - i believe some of them ended up in the containers...i hope that doesnt mess up their findings! any way - i had to post this because it was rather superhuman of me to do it all - it took me about 2 minutes to collect it all, which is pretty darn disgusting if you think about an open diaper and 2 minutes of the smell and a little spoon attached to a little container...anyway i had to share this experience, because some things should not be told and this is probably one of them, but on the other hand some things we do out of love that push us to our limits and should be openly talked about and displayed...okay - not that heroic i know - i just collected some poo, but i had to share it okay?

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Paige said...

Oh Carl. It is bad. I know. I worked in a stool lab for 6 months, also know as the place where those little vials get sent (sometimes days after collection) and where the contents get spread on 4 different petri dishes (called "blood, chocolate, HE, and Campy") and 2-3 microscope slides to be inspected. You did good.