Friday, August 8, 2008

20 weeks

halfway done. i recently watched an episode of House of Babies (on discovery health i believe about the miamy birth center) and they discussed pregnant women and their body issues. the head midwife shari daniels made a comment that most pregnant women think other pregnant women are beautiful, but never themselves. i was very puzzled myself the first time i was pregnant because i love pregnant bellies and just thought i would feel like the cutest thing in the world...not so much for me. i know other women who do enjoy it and feel very sensual, but for me i definitely felt the extra weight and tight itchy belly and extra cushion in the back...not the volumptious curvy beauty i had hoped. i am trying to be more conscious this time around about my weight, but also about my body image and feeling better about myself. i am trying to take compliments straight to heart and to feel even sexy when i can. i think pregnant bodies are gorgeous and full of life and potential and should be celebrated, not covered up - so i am trying to share my belly shots again. i can't promise i will feel this way the whole way through, but for now i am feeling okay - sleeping fine and trying to stay away from dairy (see past blog "ode to dairy") and sweets - sweets are a different issue all together and isn't easy when your dear husband comes home with a heart shaped box from Mrs. Fields full of delicious cookies! so i showed excessive restraint by not eating the entire box yesterday, but bryson did sit on my lap and we did enjoy a couple semi-sweet choc chip cookies together with big ol goofy cookie grins. any way - i am trying to enjoy this very temporary time in my life and savor every kick of the baby and every new development. yesterday the midwife was over and i was able to hear the heartbeat through the fetal-scope - such a sweet precious sound!

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