Tuesday, August 12, 2008

baby bling

i read a great article in the paper today about 2 jewelry sites. the first was a genius idea for moms with babies in the grabbing/teething mode - http://www.smartmomjewelry.com/ - they make teething ring pendants for mom to wear - safe for the baby to chew on (since they do anyway). what a great way to still be able to wear jewelry and not worry about your baby either a)destroying your jewelry (see the empty plastic water bottle full of stones in my bathroom drawer or b)putting something in their mouth they shouldn't (which they manage to do anyway all the time - like how i caught bryson with a battery this morning). But look - aren't they cute too? they come in all sorts of colors and bracelets and i think it is just a darling idea - they call them baby bling...perfect gift for any mom who loves to look smart and loves their baby...i sound like an ad - they should pay me...or send me a free pendant...
the other website was http://www.exboyfriendjewelry.com/ a sort of craigslist for women who want to get rid of jewelry that their ex gave them...brilliant idea - each item has "the scoop" where women post the awful truths behind the men who gave them the jewelry like this one:
"someone please take all of this jewelry out of my face. the thought of it makes me sick. men are scum and i think we all know that. I dont know if its real or a replica. i just know i dont want to look at it anymore. if you decide to purchase please understand i dont want it back so its kinda a all sales final. i take paypal, and i really want someone to take this jewelry it has too many memories."
hilarious - great prices too - and it is free to look and free to post!

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