Friday, May 23, 2008

paybe tomorrow

my 2.5 year old has the best saying - paybe. i believe it is a mix between probably and maybe based on the way he uses it. i am marveling at his language arts and the way he uses words in such an innocent and curious way. he really loves words - he never stops using them, but he also fixates on how something sounds and will repeat it over and over and over. this parrot-like behavior has caused much anxiety in ensuring my language sounds like a 50s housewife. i slipped and said "crap" the other day and then had to listen to bryson saying crap, crap, crap, crap all the way to his father who then looked at me like i am the worst mother in the world and then me immediately asking myself how we came to age like 50 years so fast. in between me fighting off being extremely annoyed, it has also fanned my flame for words and language. i love that we are all born little poets. i wish i stopped myself more and played with how words sounded. today the lady from the electric company came to check the meters and he asked me who she was. i told him she was going to check the electric meters. he thought it was hilarious and started saying "meters, meters, meters" until it did sound quite funny and i understood what he meant.

some of my other favorite bryson words:
foo-do rebels=pseudo rebels

some of my favorite bryson sayings:
it's not my bedtime, it's a sunny day (no matter how dark it is outside)
we're gunna have a good day
i'm going to go to disneyland on tuesday

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Paige said...

I am also a fan of his "gump-ing" skills.