Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Holly Hobby

so, i discovered a little secret about getting older...hobbies. i guess i have always had them, but it seems important when one gets older to make a deal about them - buying magazines, joining groups, even competing. it's what i never had time to do in school, or working all the time, but now i am able to use them as an excuse to carve out some time for myself and do something worthwhile with my *precious* time.

many of my college friends have become somewhat fanatical with their hobbies. some have even declared hobbies as one declares a major, and perhaps in this stage of our lives it would be appropriate. i find that they are ways that we are able to place ourselves somewhere in this large world and connect with others who share similar passions. in college it was so easy to find people - one had to simply walk down the hall, or strike up a conversation after class. in the late twenties and *gasp* thirties it is not quite so easy.

with every one of my hobbies i have been able to meet the most extraordinary people that i would never had the graces to meet previously. i find friendships with senior citizens and younger folks easier to blend when a hobby is shared and loved between us.

one of my favorite people is Cicero and one of my favorite quotes is from him, "it is not the depth of knowledge, but rather the breadth of knowledge that counts" i love that quote because i tend to be the cocktail party queen - i can converse on a variety of subjects, but only so far. i have never been extraordinary at any one thing but average at many. i used to bring myself down on this, but now i accept it and even go so far to say it is a strength of mine. this also rings true with my hobbies - i am at beginner/intermediate level at all of them, but the passion is there and i believe they will stick with me and perhaps i will find when i am older to say that i am actually at an advanced level. i think my ADD has slowed down enough that it could be a possibility.

i suppose to make it easier to tackle, i should dissect each hobby of mine for a separate post for fear of this becoming a blonovel...i tried to make a pun...not sure that worked well. i suppose for a while it will be a holly hobby blog post site so be warned!

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