Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Psycle

so it continues...i guess i started this blogging thing before i knew what the term was. back in college in my never-ending search for truth (so the search continues, although with different agendas than before) i started an email chain entitled "My Psycle" posting different topics and seeking a forum for people to comment with me and each other throughout it. I delved into different topics and for the most part they did not have the impact i hoped for, but at the same time provided me to put into words what i was grappling with at the moment and also opened doors for discussion with people that i may not have otherwise engaged with.
perhaps this will continue that attempt and perhaps spark new discussions...who knows? at the very least it will again provide me with an outlet to "blog" thoughts and send them into cyberspace, which is somewhat comforting for some reason. i encourage you to comment or to email me with comments as well. who knows - this could even spark a new interest to pick up my quest from college to save the world...i had put that on the backburner for a few years and was letting the world fend for itself.

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