Thursday, March 27, 2008

do you know this guy?

his name is Wayne Allyn Root and he is running for president. what? you've never heard of him? he is the front runner for the libertarian party...oh my goodness, really? never heard of him? well...let me just get a little political here.

it is coming up on tax time and i am more than a little constipated about it. after last year's tax bomb (we ended up owing over $30,000 in taxes, $20,000 of which was blindsiding) i am feeling a little sick to my stomach about what my accountant is going to say. being a small business owner and being a moral business owner and doing everything by the books is not only challenging, it can be next to impossible, which is why most small businesses fail in less than 3 years. but, small businesses also employ more people than "big business" (not including govt organizations of course). why do our politicians constantly ignore us then? why would government try to stifle one of the biggest economic group of people and make it increasingly difficult for us? wayne allyn root is a small business owner and part of his platform is to make it easier for us.

it isnt just about money either. i think with the whole recent court judgement on home-schooling, we are beginning to see just how big government has become. that they are now proposing to take the power out of parents on how to raise their own child. whatever your feelings on homeschooling may be, it should be upsetting that the government is trying to butt in parent's lives in this way.

when i turned 18 i registered republican and thought that the republican party still stood conservative and small government, which is why i was outraged that our republican president of the last 7 years has grown government more than any other president in recent times. i registered libertarian about 4 years ago when i was finally fed up at the republican party not living up to their promises and talk talk talk.

our government was founded by politicians who knew the danger of big government. who came from a place that tyrannized the common man and wanted to give the majority the vote. now all i see is that the people are speaking and then the federal government turns a blind eye to the voice and overrules it.

anyway - wayne allyn root. remember him. i believe he will be the libertarian candidate and if you are fed up with all the talk and big government, then maybe you should look into this little up and coming party as can start here.

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