Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Famous Blue Raincoat

today was invoicing day. never fun. i had my dh's itunes blindly playing and there was some irritating rock band on...don't ask me who...all i know is that i started getting all riled up and knew i needed to change the song and i found leonard cohen's albums and turned them on. a good friend by the name of joel gunderson first played him for me and he became a regular presence during study sessions in college so his music immediately makes me feel a little drunk. famous blue raincoat came on - if you haven't heard it - please take a couple minutes and listen to it here.
its funny because i always felt he was writing that letter to a woman, despite the quote "And what can I tell you my brother, my killer" maybe because he referred to the rose in the person's teeth, or maybe i just pictured another woman in a blue raincoat, i am not sure, but i realized it was about another man and about an affair (i had known it was about an affair, but thought it was some sort of lesbian thing). i had to add all new images now with the song and i think i liked it better when it was a woman. sorry leonard. at any rate i absolutely adore that song. the line in the song "one more thin gypsy thief" i think is able to capture the type of person he is writing to so well. the song is achingly written - with sadness, a little forgiveness/reconciliation and that bit of hindsight that seems to make things so much clearer.
"thanks for the trouble you took from her eyes. i thought it was there for good so i never tried"

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