Monday, July 2, 2012

Home-Made Sunflower Seeds

My sweet husband on the day that Bodie was born, ran out and got me two huge sunflowers. I never particularly liked them before, but in his card it read - may these "Son Flowers" brighten your days for years and years to come. It was the sweetest thing and it really did make me love sun flowers and always make me remember that sweet gesture of his....also a side note - we had purple calla lilies at our wedding and every house we have lived at he has planted me my own purple calla lilies to remind me of our wedding day. He is romantic in those ways and I love him for it.

So this year he planted a "Son Flower" for each of my boys and they got HUGE! we let them seed and I was leaving for my camping trip thinking, I must look into when they are ready to harvest...and how to harvest and roast them...well - i never did - i just let them sit there, but yesterday when we got back they seemed to fall out easier, so i decided it was time to harvest! (BTW - This site pretty much says exactly what we did to harvest and roast)

I soaked them and cooked them in salted water for an hour and a half and then roasted them for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees. They are SO GOOD. like, SO GOOD...and i love sunflower seeds...and my husband too - we have never had freshly made seeds like this - what a difference! i am finding that with everything freshly made it is becoming this new experience...which is why making things at home is so a sense. Bringing the boys in on the process is so fun too. Even Bobby was enjoying them! (after i shelled them of course!)

We are having so much fun with our garden this year! More pics to come! Hope you all are enjoying the summer so far!

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the Blah Blah Blahger said...

SERIOUSLY with the flowers??? You are spoiled! : )