Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Long Beach Scavenger Hunt

I totally wussed out on my husband for father's day...and last year our anniversary (10!) was a total bunk...and he has a birthday this week...so i wanted to do something super special to cover all 3! I put together a little bike ride through Long Beach scavenger hunt. We covered Belmont Heights, Retro Row, Downtown, did a boat ride ($5 a person!) during sunset, Alamitos Bay and back home. I had 8 "clues" - every clue had a little bag that contained either a gift card, or cash- i included all the cash he would need to buy the dessert and pay for the boat ride, etc - or a little card to represent that clue. He was super pumped - we both love riding our bikes and we both love Long Beach...so this was a perfect way to celebrate our little life markers!

I have to say...i timed this extremely well and i am super proud of myself because that takes work for me...i had friends meet up with us at one point, and we had to make the boat at 7, so there was a bit of a time crunch, but not really - he felt he had enough time to shop at the stores and a timeline was probably a good thing for Bryan since he has been known to spend an hour looking at all the different cereals in the grocery store...not really...but kinda...

It was so nice to spend the day alone with him...it really felt like a mini-vacation (thank you thank you mama!) and we had all sorts of funny conversations and new experiences together. Long Beach really is the perfect town to do this sort of thing - its easily accessible and has such cool unique parts to it...we are in love with where we live! where else can you take a semi-private (there were 2 other couples on the boat with us) sunset boat ride for $5 a person? so cool. and we took our bikes on the boat. 

We had a lovely dinner and since we don't really have lights on our bikes or night riding stuff - we got a cab home and locked our bikes...i somehow picked them up the next day and somehow fit them in our car...no small task (they both have kid seats)...and side note...i was walking my bike at one point and slammed my foot into a metal pole and i ended up breaking my toe...i thought i just stubbed it at first but the next day it was swollen and all bruised and today it hurts like madness...so i was doing all this with a broken toe apparently...

anyway - very fun! i highly encourage this type of date - keeps things new and definitely a cool memory of our little mini home-cation :) 

Clue#1 - Your boys have your style, so ride about 1 mile, and pick something out to wear out and about! (The answer was Long Beach Trading Co)

Modeling his shorts he bought with his gift certificate

Clue #2 - Mama's little baby loves shortnin shortnin,
Mama's little baby loves ____________ Fill in the blank to pick up some after dinner goodies!

Clue #3 - They are truly unique, No two are alike, They help catch creeps, So get on your bike....Head to the store Where there is music galore, pick up some vinyl and go buck wild! He got a Leonard Cohen record <3

Clue #4 - What has, holy water, Beers made by Monks, Naughty School Uniforms, The Roddys? (Congregation Ale)

Bryan's white twin and his beautiful wife and beautiful beer :) 

Clue #5 - Get Ready, Get Set, Get Sailing! Hurry up or you might miss the 7:00 departure...Look for the purple red and yellow boat at Dock #___________ (Hint: the number is also a golf term)

On the Aqualink

We perfectly timed it for a sunset arrival

Right after I broke my toe :( - i didnt know at this point...

I missed some pictures of dinner - Clue #6 - and Clue #7 was maybe a movie - but we were so tired (read:old) this was clue #8 - a gift card to Roger Dunn so he can get his club re-shafted or something like that...

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