Thursday, November 14, 2013

One Day

Yesterday I participated in the Hollywood Housewife's One Day 2013 challenge- to document a day in the life - all the mundane stuff you wouldnt think to post (or maybe wouldn't post because it isn't as aesthetically pleasing as you would like), but dont want to forget. 

I first saw a friend do this last year and i was too late, but thought how cool would that be to be able to reference this later...when my kids are older and i think back, "How did I do that?" I wish I did this while Bobby was a baby because I literally can't remember anything about that year! 

It was fun because what seems totally normal and mundane to me, apparently is highly amusing to some people! ha! i get it though...i dont think our reality show on our lives would be boring at all...there is nothing boring about raising three boys! 

It was also so neat to scroll through the hashtag #onedayHH - as it was happening - i only had a few opportunities to do this during the fact the whole challenge was a challenge because I don't usually use my phone that much and had to be more intentional in getting it out, etc (in fact i left it at home for 3 hours of that day) but...when i did it was so during bath time i took that pic and scrolled through and saw all kinds of bath time pictures - it was so oddly comforting and encouraging, like - we are all in this, aren't we? 

Anyway - if you didn't get a chance to do it and if you are into the idea - please consider doing it next year - it will be fun!

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Laura @ Hollywood Housewife said...

Your pictures are great! Thanks for jumping in and doing it this year.