Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring at the VA Garden

I have blogged about this place before (here and here for starts) but wanted to share these pics I took the other day during a trip to get some veggies for our garden. We got a total of 7 plants for $5 - pretty awesome...and found out they have a market open on Wednesdays at the VA near the cafeteria where they sell their latest produce. You can also buy it at the garden, but they carry odd hours - Some people there will tell you that someone is only there until 11:00 a.m. and one guy told us he is there until 2 p.m. but from experience you are safer going before 11...everyone we have ever met here has been awesome - our plants are amazing - the price is the best - the free help people are just excited to give is beyond books (a lot of volunteers there are studying botany at CSULB or city college) - I just can't say enough!  Plus Spring time here is pretty eye catching, no?

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